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Warning Signs

Does Your Home Have Any of These Potential Roofing Problems?

Loss of Granulation

Decayed Shingles

Interior Water Damage
• Roof Is Over 12 Years Old
• Loss Of Granulation
• Interior Water Damage
• Broken Or Damaged Shingles
• Curling Shingles
• Only One Layer of Roofing
• Decayed Shingles
• Visible Leaks Or Cracks
• Wind Damage

Does Your Home Have Any of These Potential Siding Problems?

Peeling or Blistering Paint

Dents and Dings

• Peeling or Blistering Paint
• Insect Damage
• Wood Rood
• Requires Sanding and Sealing
• Corrosion
• Needs Frequent Repainting
• Color Fade
• Dents, Dings, Chips &
• Warping

Does Your Home Have Any of These Potential Window Problems?

Rotting Frames

Condensation On The Inside

Broken Storm Window
• Rotted or corroded frames
• Cracked panes
• Condensation on the inside
• Air leakage
• Broken storm windows
• Damaged caulking
• Hail damage
• Warped or swollen wood
• Sticking sashes
• Gaps in weather stripping
• Cloudiness between the panes

Does Your Home Have Any of These Potential Gutter Problems?

Broken Downspouts

Decay or Rust

Poor Alignment
• Sagging or leaking gutters
• Broken downspouts
• Decay or rust
• Visible holes
• Poor alignment
• Cracked seams
• Pools of water
• Rotted exterior wood
• Water flowing into basement
• Foundation damage

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